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The Adi Foundation was established in Jerusalem in 2001 and honors the memory of Adi Dermer, née Blumberg, a young artist who passed away in the prime of her life.
The Adi Foundation was established to continue to address the subjects that inspired Adi’s creativity, in particular the link between beauty and sanctity. The Foundation promotes and nurtures artistic work that examines the relationship between art and Judaism, and endeavors to combine Jewish values with design and artistic expression. The Foundation supports the creative and philosophical activity of artists and intellectuals concerned with these issues, and encourages a productive dialogue between them as well as with other sectors of Israeli society.
The Adi Foundation is continually exploring additional venues in an attempt to keep Adi’s passions and dreams alive, and allocates resources and directs efforts to this purpose.
Since its establishment The Adi Foundation has been acknowledged and appreciated by the artistic and intellectual community, as well as the public-at-large. Out of love for Adi, and with respect for the needs of all those today who share in the pursuit of her passions and dreams, we at the Foundation continue to examine, explore and discover new ways to come closer to a heightened appreciation of the beauty and sanctity inherent in a Jewish aesthetic.

The Adi Foundation Staff
David Blumberg - Chairman
Emily Bilski - Director of Programs
Aviva Kat-Manor - Director of Operations

The Steering Committee
Muli Ben Sasson
David Blumberg
Avraham Burg
Dr. Iris Fishof
David Freund
Rabbi Yochanan Fried
Orit Levi
Aliza Olmert
Professor Avigdor Shinan
Professor Daniel Sperber
Tzippi Weizman
Professor Yair Zackovich
Yigal Zalmona

The Foundation's members
Yair Blumberg
Ariel Braun
Binyamin Hadari
Joseph Iceland
Joseph Kolitz
Orit Levy
Michal Plantzer

General Assembly members
Zeev Abeles
Osnat Arbel
Joseph Berry
Yair Blumberg
Avrum Burg
Ron Dermer
Gaby Gabai
Binyamin Hadari
Joseph Iceland
Stuart Hershkovitch
Joseph Kolitz
David Levy
Orit Levy
Yoram Levy
Jaakov Neeman
Eli Stern
Dalia Tal




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