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Hanging Sabbath Lamps
Hanging Sabbath Lamps (in Hebrew and English) is based on a final research paper written by Adi Blumberg, z'l, toward the completion of her degree at the Pelech High School in Jerusalem, in March 1989. Adi, z”l, outlined the connection between conceptual thought and the formal design of hanging Sabbath lamps and its expression in different countries. read more...
Lights - In Literature, Art and Jewish Thought
The book includes 18 essays (in Hebrew only) on light and its manifestations by a distinguished group of researchers, intellectuals and artists. Interspersed among the essays are the 12 works of art selected as finalists in the “Light and Matter” competition, the artists’ statements, artist quotes, and works of art from the collections of The Israel Museum and poems. read more...
Borders of Sanctity - In Art, Society and Jewish Thought
This is a collection of essays (in Hebrew only) by a distinguished group of scholars on issues involved in the delineation of borders. The 22 photographs depicting the finalists’ work in the competition “Borders of Sanctity” are accompanied by the artists’ statements. read more...
One and All
The articles in this book (in Hebrew only) cover a wide range of fields: biology, social science, Bible studies and Jewish literature form the Second Temple period and the time of the Torah Sages, Halakhah and thought. In addition, there are essays by public figures and those from the Humanities – from fields of law, journalism, and the rabbinical world. read more...
Thou Shalt Not Make a Graven Image - The Revolution (2002)

This TV film was made as a documentary for Channel 2 of Israel Television.

The first competition for The Adi Prize for Jewish Expression in Art and Design 2001 on the topic, “Borders of Sanctity” was received enthusiastically by the public. The positive response led to the documentary, “Thou Shall Not Make A Graven Image,” by Dalia Mevorach and Daniel Dotan. The film examines the relationship between Israeli art and Jewish tradition and follows the thought processes of Israeli artists searching for Jewish expression in their work.

The documentary was produced by The Adi Foundation together with Tura Communications and was shown on Israel T.V. Channel 2 in October 2002. The film was aired again a week later.

The film can be purchased (in Hebrew or with simultaneous English translation).

The I and the We

Lectures from the day-long symposium on the subject “The I and the We”.

Click here to the program of the symposium

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