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The I and the We - 2005

Program of the symposium: "The I and the We"

held on Sunday, April 17, 2005 at The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Greetings: James S. Snyder, Director of the Israel Museum
Opening Lecture: Unity and Plurality, Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

First Session: The I and the We – The Scientific Perspective
Chair: Prof. Menachem Magidor, President of The Hebrew University
The Social Intelligence of Living Cells, Prof. Benny Geiger
How Cells Think, Prof. Uri Alon
The Individual and Society in the Animal Kingdom, Prof. Guy Bloch
Invisible Hand? The Rationality of the Individual and the Welfare of
the Group, Prof. Sergiu Hart
A Contemporary Psychological Look at the I and the We, Prof. Amia

Guided tour of the exhibition “Lights” by Israel Museum curator: Amitai Mendelsohn

Second Session: The I and the We in Jewish Thought
Chair: Prof. Avigdor Shinan, The Hebrew University
I and We in the Psalms, Prof. Yair Zakovitch
Individual and Community – The Struggle on Communal Memory and
the Role of Alternative Voices in
Historical Commemoration, Prof. Rachel Elior
The I and the We at Pesach, Rabbi Dr. Benny Lau
Autonomy and Authority in Modern Jewish Thought, Prof. Moshe

Third Session: The I and the We in the Arts – Sound and Word
Chair: Chaim Be’er
To Connect Heaven and Earth, Agi Mishol
The Individual and the Hevruta in the Art of Theater, Joshua Sobol
The Silent Individual and the Singing Group – On the Substructure of
Poetry in Alterman’s Oeuvre, Dr. Ariel Hirshfeld
Music Creating Community, Itai Talgam
Musical Interludes by the Israeli Camerata, Jerusalem. Introductory comments by the conducter: Avner Biron

Fourth Session: The I and the We in the Arts – Appearance and Picture
Chair: Yigal Zalmona, The Israel Museum
Announcement of the competition for the
Adi Prize for Jewish Expression in Art and Design – 2005

… and …, Micha Ullman
Between the Establishment and Criticism: Israeli Art in the Nineties,
Dr. Dana Arieli-Horowitz
Thoughts on Betrayal, Joseph Cedar
The Individual and Community: Is There a Future for Human
Architecture?, Arie Rahamimoff

Fifth Session: The I and the We in Israeli Society – Discussion Panel
Chair: Prof. Avishai Braverman, President of Ben Gurion University
Participants: Ami Ayalon, Prof. Ruth Gabizon, Minister of Finance
Benjamin Netanyahu, Eli Amir, Bambi Sheleg, Rabbi Yuval Sherlow


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