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Light and Matter - 2003

Schedule of Symposium on “Lights”

Program Greetings: James S. Snyder, Director of the Israel Museum
Opening Remarks: "Let There Be Light": Light as the First Creation, Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz

First Session: Light and the Sciences
Chair: Prof. Gabriel Motzkin, Dean, Faculty of Humanities, The Hebrew University
"Where is the Way Where Light Dwells?" On Light as a Source of Information, Prof. Tsevi Mazeh
"Truly the Light is Sweet:" On Light and Moods, Dr. Yoram Yovell
"Between Light and Darkness:" On Duality, Oppositions and Complementarities, Prof. R.J. Zwi Werblowsky

Second Session: Light in Jewish Thought
Chair: Prof. Avigdor Shinan, The Hebrew University
A Candle for Shabbat: Light as a Tool and as an Essence, Rabbi Dr. Benny Lau
"Who Forms Light and Creates Evil": The Dialectic of Opposites in Biblical Thought, Prof. Israel Knohl
Light Within and an Enveloping Light: On Light in Jewish Mysticism, Prof. Haviva Pedaya

Third Session: Light in Art
Chair: Yigal Zalmona, The Israel Museum
The City and the Light: On Physicality and Spirituality in Depictions of Jerusalem and Venice, Shlomit Steinberg
Zelda "In Jerusalem," David Perlov · Metaphysical Light, Dr. Gideon Ofrat
"If the Light in your Midst Darkens," Haim Be'er

Announcement of the Competition for the Second Biennial Adi Prize for Jewish Expression in Art and Design - 2003 on the theme "Light and Matter"

Closing Remarks: "A Bit of the Light…," MK Avram Burg

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