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Borders of Sanctity - 2001

Approximately 250 works were submitted to the competition.
The works offered a wide arc of commentaries on Jewish history, halakha, ritual, kabbala, gender, politics, landscape and everything connected with modern Jewish and Israeli life. The artists grappled with the definitions and different aspects of these topics: What represents a border? What is the meaning of sanctity? Who determines and decides in these matters? Is it at all possible to define these concepts? Can one talk about the possibility of erecting a border to sanctity?

The enthusiasm of the many artists – who were from Israel, Europe, North America, South America and Africa – attests to the sensitivity and urgency of these contemporary questions.

List of finalists

The Adi Prize for Jewish Expression in Art and Design for the year 2001 was awarded to two works of art. The artists shared the monetary prize:

“Rise, O Well” by Rachel Lev
 “Work No. 10” – of “The Room”: A cooperative work – Brad Pinchuk, Hanan Pomagrin and Boubi Luxembourg.

Three works were awarded Certificates of Merit and received a monetary prize:

· Elijah’s Chair – Jerusalem by Belu-Simion Fainaru
· Wedding Gown by Leora Targan
· Concealing the Face – Installation and Presentation by Orna Millo

List of names of the finalists:

Rachel Lev          Brad Pinchuk, Hanan Pomagrin & Boubi Luxembourg 

Ma’ayan Agmon Kehati
Orly Azran
Natalie Cartes and Ze’ev Meor

Iris Ezra-Tutnauer
Belu-Simion Fainaru
Shlomit Granat-Paldor
Yaakov Greenvurcel
Israel Hadani
Jack Jano
Deddy Lifshitz
Hadar Maor-Degani
Dinu Mendrea
Orna Millo
Rachel Moses
Miri Nishri
Uriel Orlov
Studio Armadillo: Hadas Kruk, Anat Stein and Sharon Smish-Dagan
Leora Targan
Zelig Segal
Zila Zmora Garti

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